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Born in Southampton, England I spent the first part of my life working in transportation in the UK. After getting married I moved to California and spent the next 25 years in logistics. My passions are writing, travel and photography.

My writing journey started when I worked for a small logistics company in California. I designed their website and brochures as well as doing my own job. In fact I organised all of their marketing and sales in the end. Eventually I became self employed and have been freelance ever since. You can read more about my life from my profile page where I talk more about my career.

I’ve been a travel writer for over fifteen years, with clients ranging from international brands to small businesses looking to become big businesses. My content writing and copywriting have developed over the years as I have strived to become a better professional writer in all categories. Whatever sector you’re in, I’ve probably worked on it.

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How can I help you?

Enough about me. I want to hear your story and find the best words to tell it so you can reach a wider audience, showcase your talent online, and achieve your wildest dreams*.

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Tim Campbell freelance copywriter