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January 20, 2020

Choosing what to write about

One of the most difficult things about writing a blog is deciding what to write about. You want it to be interesting but not too laid back. You want people to share it not delete it. If you read someone’s blog what would make you, as a reader, continue to the end?

Plenty of questions and a lot to think about. The thing to do is grab a cup of coffee, sit in a comfy chair, then think about what you’re going to write about. Relax and ponder. It’s a dilemma that’s for sure, but an easy challenge nonetheless.

What’s your passion?

My real passion is travel and photography. That;s an easy subject for me as the topics come thick and fast. Writing? Not so much. If you think about your own hobbies, likes and dislikes, what comes up? Like working on cars? Write about cars. Like flowers? Write about flowers or flower arrangements. Any and all variations are acceptable.

The reality is not to be sitting looking at blank pages for hours. Get creative for the sake of others and choose. Pick a subject that takes your interest, or it’s hard for you to do, and go with that.

If you’re going to provide information about a particular subject, then you need to do some research. In researching and writing about a subject, you become more knowledgeable. So that after it becomes less of a hurdle. Make sense?   

learn Seo

My nemesis has always been SEO. I had always known that writing particular words in a story could get you a higher Google ranking. The higher the Google ranking on page one meant you were more likely to get clicked on. Once Google changed its algorithm, it made it more difficult to get that loftier position.

So I started researching SEO and learning all about it. As you read, the subject becomes much easier to handle. SEO helps you understand what are the most important words to use to get a higher ranking in Google. Once you’ve decided what those words are then you can build your story around them.

This YouTube video with Sam Oh explains it all in detail.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power, so the old saying goes. The more you read the more you get to know and understand. Sometimes a blog isn’t always about being interesting and fun. Sometimes it’s more about writing from the heart and enjoying the trip along the way. Everyone then gets a kick out of that, you and the reader.

Nobody needs to go to the library anymore for information. How difficult can it be to find a subject to write about? Get some inspiration from other blogs. Read a book for an hour. Sit and meditate. Play some music and think about the lyrics. Something will come into your head, it always does.

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