Copywriting v Content

February 12, 2020

There are Copywriters and Content Writers and Content Strategists. What’s the difference?

A Copywriter writes copy. Copy is words that make people want to take action. An advert is copy because it makes you think about buying a product or service.

For example, Printers 50% off. Today Only. This tells you there will be printers available at half off but you have to act today. The words make you want to take action.  

A content writer writes content. Content is words that people would enjoy reading. Like in your newspaper or magazine. Like in a book. It’s for entertainment.

For example, The city of Porto sits on the Douro river in northern Portugal. It’s a descriptive sentence and tells the reader where the city of Porto is in relation to Portugal. It doesn’t want you to do anything.

Why is there a difference and why are they not called just writers?

A writer writes, yes. Yet, prose is different from poetry as content is different to copy. A soliloquy is a manner of speech usually in a monologue. It’s a different type of wording within a manner of communication. All are different ways of writing.

There are also different types of writers like there are different ways to write. Frederick Forsyth is no Shakespeare, and Shakespeare is no Stephen King. All are writers but all have learned their craft a different way in a different age.

Back to Content v Copy.

Copywriting is also pitching a brand, using emotions. It gets people to do something based on what they believe. For example: “Fairy liquid keeps your hands soft and smooth when you’re doing the washing up”. It doesn’t, but the advertisers make you believe it does so you buy their product over others.

Copywriting is the snake oil salesman who makes you believe that their product is good for you so you’ll buy it. It may be a good product and the copy is only enhancing the value of the product. Usually, it’s not though. Copy is used to enhance a mediocre or poor product to push sales.

Content is the star of the show because it entertains, educates and informs. Content is strategic marketing. Both copy and content do have a similar goal together and that is to convert the customer into a buyer.

The understanding of both copywriting and content writing is that; copy sells an idea and content helps you understand the idea.

Copywriting is still wording like content but will persuade someone to take action and do something.

Content writing is the wording that goes into blogs, emails, letters or other social media. Content is words to entertain or educate.

So a content writer describes, a copywriter sells. Then there’s the content strategist! This is the guy who combines both and knows what to do with it. The social media guru.

The Content Strategist

The content strategist has the vision to combine both the word content and the word copy. They know where to place it on social media to get the best sales. He’s more like an editor and a team leader.

A good content strategist will be able to define the marketing brand they are working for. They will then determine the goals of the brand and combine the wording for the best outcome of the advert.

The final job they do is place the same ad on social media to get the best results. What are the best results? Well, that they sell a million of the product of course.

Lady Watching Tv Clipart

Commercials on TV

Every TV or radio or social media ad has the above three experts determining what happens to it. A strategist or marketing team doesn’t put a face soap ad on a dog show because it’s irrelevant to the audience.

People watching dog shows are usually targeted for pet products, like dog food or grooming items. Face soap ads will go on programs like reality shows or talk shows directed towards women. There’s a purpose for each product and how it’s sold.

The same as men’s’ beard grooming products will not be on a food show or weight loss program. It will be on a car show or a program that features weightlifting or motorcycles. Not that women can’t do those things, but you get my point.    

So the next time you’re watching TV and the commercials are on, think about the products and what they are trying to get you to do. Would you buy that product? Does it make you want to go to the store, or online, to buy that item?

If not, then the marketing manager, content writer, copywriter or content strategist aren’t doing their job.

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    Very clear explanantion on the difference between Copywriters and Content Writers and Content Strategists. Loved your post. web design Glasgow Thanks for sharing.

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