Persevering as a content writer

February 3, 2020

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing it’s that being a content writer is not easy. There’s a lot to learn, and, like most careers, you have to keep learning every day. The problem seems to be finding work as a Content Writer once the course or program is over.

It’s always said “Don’t give up your day job” until you have enough income to be able to live on that revenue. Good advice. However, you might have lost your job, or been made redundant, or are just searching for your first job. You might not have another income in that case.

These 10 tips might help you get some temporary work in the meantime. Or they might just give you food for thought:

  1. Always remember that there is a need for content writers otherwise there would just be photos on a page! Writers are being paid every day to provide content. You can be next.
  2. Keep your CV up to date. When you apply for a job or paid work, look for what the employer or client wants and then tailor your CV to it. If you show you can do everything they need then you’ll stand out.
  3. When writing stick to subjects that you know most about.Try and be original. It’s not always possible but originality is best. Check what’s trending that week as people will be looking up that subject.
  4. Write an article every day because you never know when you might need it. Even if it’s a short article, you can always expand on it later. If you can’t think of a topic try or just Google “Trending (subject)”.
  5. Try and post every day on social media and guest post when you can. It might become a case of who you know not what you know. Somebody out there will give you a chance one day. Keep plugging away and network.
  6. Make sure you double-check grammar and spelling when you’ve finished, and before you post. Grammarly will help and so will Hemingway editor.
  7. Learn a lot about SEO. Every customer wants to be on the first page of Google but it’s not easy. Knowledge of SEO gives you an edge over any competitor who does not have it. Another reason to hire you.
  8. Be truthful with your content, and if possible, link to quotes and information which verify your information. You don’t want to write about something only to find out your information is out of date.
  9. Research, research, research. The more you know about a subject makes you more of an expert. Knowledge is power so don’t be vague about your topic. Learn as much as you can.
  10. Apply to five companies or publishers every day. That will be 25 per week and 100 per month. You might get turned down by 99% of them but that one might be all you need to get you started.


Your job is to find work. Don’t sit and feel sorry for yourself because no one is coming to you and offering you £1 per word. If you do nothing then nothing will happen. Write, and then write some more. Try 1000 words per day.

If you post blogs, contact publishers, get job postings from Indeed or Reed, write every day and learn about SEO then you’re one step ahead. Good luck.

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