Tim Campbell freelance copywriter
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About Me

Originally from Southampton, UK I now spend most of my time traveling the world working remotely from anywhere. With a laptop and the internet I can work with customers around the world at anytime of the day or night.

Before moving to California in 1983 I lived and went to school in Southampton. At 20 I lived and worked on the Eiger mountain in Switzerland. Two years later returning to the UK and working in European transport for a French company called La Grenobloise .

Later, living and working in the Bay area of San Francisco for a couple of Global Freight Forwarding companies helped me pursue my dream of traveling to exotic countries.

You might say I am more International than most. A native English speaker I speak French quite happily also, some Spanish, Some German and some Italian, so I can get by in most countries.

My career was in Logistics in California but I’ve also lived in Dallas, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, Wengen, Switzerland, Paris and Dubai. I have one son who lives in New York and family in the UK.

If you’d like a quote for your work just contact me at tim@campbellwriting.com or give me a call at +44-7783560223. I’m sure I can help.

I'm working alongside a freelance Web Designer in Bournemouth. Together we can work on projects that combine both design and copywriting skills.