What can I write about?

February 21, 2020

What am I going to write about today?

There are a zillion different subjects to write about. The experts say that you should pick a niche. Then choose topics from that niche that interest you. The words will flow easier. Sounds logical doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s just not that easy

I like to write about all sorts of subjects, but there are some I prefer more than others. If I had to pick a niche, or ten, they would be my hobbies; travel, aviation, small hotels, luxury resorts, eco-tourism, photography, food, and sustainability.

Are there subjects I shouldn’t write about?

Should you stay away from certain topics? I am not narrow-minded, but religion and politics have always been two of my least favourite topics. At that point though it will depend on what social platform you share them on.

Travel and the weather come to mind, as I sit here and ruminate on the driving rain outside my window. This type of climate is synonymous with Great Britain, and being a Brit I have seen many days like this. Global weather, climatology and atmospheric conditions can all be giant topics to write about.

I understand that the best way to choose a topic is to focus on what you like to do. This is when talking to yourself becomes normal practise. Write down all the subjects you like, then eliminate them one by one, until you find the one you want to write about for the day.

Do you have any hobbies?

What are your hobbies, what makes you enjoy your free time? When people say “have a nice day” what do you think of? What would you do to have a nice day?

Some people like to read a lot. This is when they get their inspiration to write also. Something they read reminds them of a subject, and then they write about it. I prefer to get my inspiration from TV, the news or everyday life.

Helping people is also an esoteric subject that, to me, has always gone hand in hand with writing. If you don’t know how to do something what do you do? You go to Google or YouTube. People turn to words and videos to understand anything these days. Help subjects are great, especially if it’s a subject you know a lot about, or maybe it’s your profession.

Will anyone like my writing?

Whatever you write about, some people will like it and some won’t. Some might find the topic interesting but then go off and do something else after reading the first paragraph. We are all different so there is no one perfect subject. It’s a matter of what you feel you want to say on the day.

Now if it’s about a particular subject, then the only thing for that is research, research, and even more research! Good luck.

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